Choose Our Professional Care Home In Hastings

Care homes are specialised to cope with the wide range of issues and needs that elderly patients can have. These span injuries, falls, trips and more through to illnesses and mental health issues. Our care home in Hastings is chosen as a specialist for EMI (elderly mentally infirm) care and can help to provide the support that your loved ones need.

At Tusker House you can feel calm and at ease knowing that your elderly relative or friend is in the safest and most secure place. We understand the varying degrees of both dementia and Alzheimer’s – two of the main areas that we work in at Tusker House – and have the ability to offer daily support for all of our residents.

Why is our care home in Hastings is chosen across Sussex?

When it comes to caring for your loved one, you will want to know that you are doing the right thing for them every step of the way. After you have devolved your care to us, we want to ensure that you have faith in our professional services. Our care home in Hastings is not only run by compassionate and highly trained staff but it is chosen time and time again by families who want the best for their loved ones.

To plan a visit to see our car home in Hastings or to get more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.