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Dementia is a cruel disease, affecting the person afflicted and the people that surround them. Whilst you may want to do what you can to look after them in their home, or yours, it can be incredibly hard without the support of people who understand how to help.

Although you may see a dementia care home as a last resort, the reality is that they could flourish and be incredibly happy when they stay with us.

At Tusker House we’re a family run care home and we do everything in our power to make our residents feel at home. We understand making the decision to visit us can be a difficult one, so we will be there for you and your family throughout our time spent with you.

Our facilities are filled with everything they’ll ever need to feel at home, and we work hard to make sure they are safe, cared for and respected.

At the moment, we understand you may have even more concerns due to COVID-19, which is why we’ve created a safe space for you to visit your loved ones in a sanitary and safe bubble.

We have invested in a safe, secure, glass sealed visitors’ room where family members of up to 3 people can catch up with loved ones. This not only provides support for one another, but it helps to promote positive emotional wellbeing for everyone involved.

What’s more, we’ve also converted a wing in our building which is dedicated to new residents, so everything remains safe, hygienic and up to COVID-19 preventative standards.

To speak to us about arranging a visit, call today on 01424 421 573.

My dad has been a resident at Tusker House for almost a year now. The staff have always been very attentive allowing my dad to do what he can for himself; they are all very kind and caring. I am always kept up to date with my dads well being. During the pandemic, obviously, no one could visit their loved ones, however, Tusker House set up a WhatsApp video calling system and sent photos which we very much appreciated. The system that has now been put in place to visit residents is amazing, a lot of thought has gone into making it a safe environment for everyone. After not seeing my dad for almost 8-months, I was overjoyed to see how well and contented he was. I cannot thank everyone enough for the continued care they show my dad. I would highly recommend Tusker House to anyone that is looking for a care home

Dianne N (Daughter of Resident)

Our family are very grateful to the entire team at Tusker House, they all work tirelessly to care for our mother. Nothing is ever too much trouble. The attention to detail is outstanding; this is best demonstrated in the close monitoring of food and hydration, which has resulted in a (much needed) healthy weight gain. It is a huge comfort knowing our mother is in such safe hands; her every need is attended to by the excellent team. Our mother is treated with dignity and kindness. We are kept up-to-date, well informed and involved with all aspects of her care from carers and the management team who are always available. I cannot recommend this home highly enough!

Caroline S (Daughter of Resident)

My mother moved to Tusker House a year ago and the care has been outstanding, far beyond what I expected. My mother told me she loves being there and whenever I visit she seems very contented. There is always a welcoming cheerful atmosphere, the residents are treated as individuals and nothing is too much trouble for the carers. Her room is lovely and always spotlessly clean, and mum is always clean and tidy. The staff are all very approachable and keep me informed of any issues, they all know my mum very well and understand her needs. It was a difficult decision to move mum to a care home, but I feel lucky to have found Tusker House and could not wish for better care for her - I can't fault it at all.

P C (Daughter of Resident)

Looking for a care home for my mum who is 93 yrs of age who has dementia was very daunting challenge for me. I found Tusker House, it stated on their website that it was warm, friendly and has a relaxing atmosphere. This was so true. The staff are amazing and the care my mum receives is second to none. I would recommend Tusker House. I cannot speak highly enough of them.

Joseph H (Son of Resident)

My mum passed away after almost 5 happy years in Tusker House. She was really well cared for and her death was one to be envious of: calm, peaceful supported by people who knew her so well. Surrounded with her Beatles memorabilia and music playing in her own room, not alone and not suffering. We are incredibly grateful to the team of staff who made mum's life worth living again after 20 years of decline. I leave it to my mum's own words "I am so lucky to be here". She truly was.