Why Choose Our EMI Care Home In Hastings

The beautiful surroundings of Hastings and the Sunshine Coast make the perfect setting for holidays, getaways, days out and everything in between. Even when it comes to later care in life, Hastings is a great place to unwind and be looked after. At Tusker House, our EMI care home in Hastings, we’ve become an important service for individuals and their families since 1965.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose our care home in Hastings to look after your loved ones in their later life. We tailor all our services to suit each individual and their requirements every single day that they’re with us. Whether this is food cooked a specific way or regular trips into Hastings town centre, we can accommodate to it.

What makes us the perfect EMI care home for your relative?

EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) care is a delicate and important service that we provide across East Sussex from our care home in Hastings. Individuals who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia or any other confusing illnesses can be sure of the support and guidance that they need at Tusker House.

If you’re still wondering what our care home in Hastings can offer to your loved one, make sure that you come and visit us in action. To setup a visit to our care home, speak to one of our team today.