Why Choose Our Care Home In East Sussex

Care is a word used in a number of settings. We are told to be careful. We are told to take care in bad weather. We look after and care for the things we hold dearly. When it comes to place where care is the number one element, it takes on a completely different meaning altogether. Our care home in East Sussex at Tusker House is designed to combine care, compassion and the specific elements that make a property a home for our range of residents.

We take care of residents that have a wide range of issues from Alzheimer’s and dementia through to other illnesses that take their toll on people each day. This is why we have become a leading provider of care in the East Sussex area and why we continue to provide the ultimate support for each of our residents.

Why choose our EMI care home in East Sussex?

Specialised in providing EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) care for individuals, we understand exactly how to ensure that each day spent with your loved one is positive and suited to their specific needs. We use our experience every single day to make sure that every resident feels at home with us.

To discover more about our care home in East Sussex, get in contact with our professionals today.


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